How to Play & Rules

Selecting Predictions

Making predictions on The MMA Way is easily done with only three clicks per fight. Once on an event page where you are still able to make predictions (see the Rules section below) there are only 3 requirements for a valid fight prediction.

First simply select a FIGHTER by selecting the fighter image you believe will win the fight. Your selection will be highlighted with an orange border around the fighters image.

Next select the OUTCOME of the fight and how you believe the fight will end. The three options are Knockout/Technical Knockout, Submission or Decision. Once an OUTCOME has been selected, that OUTCOME will be highlighted with an orange background.

Lastly select the ROUND you believe the fight will conclude on. Once these three actions have been completed that fight prediction is valid for submission.

Please note all fights must have a valid fight prediction before submission. If not the invalid fight predictions will be highlighted in red. An account can be registered after your predictions have been made or assigned to an existing account when you next log in to your account.

Registering an Account

Users can sign up for a free account at the - registration page. Accounts are a great way to track and record your MMA event predictions! Account users will also appear in event and global leaderboards on the site, using the scoring system.



From the predictions for each fight there are three different criteria that scores the user points.
These three criteria are:

  • The correct FIGHTER has been picked: 5 points.
  • The correct OUTCOME has been selected (correct FIGHTER must be also selected): 3 points for picking the correct Finish (KO/ TKO or SUB) BUT 2 points for correctly picking a Decision.
  • The correct ROUND has been selected (correct FIGHTER must be also selected): 2 points.

When does voting Start?

When events have been added to the site and are ready for prediction voting we will inform user via our twitter page - Events are normally added one to two weeks before the event takes place.


Prediction voting will always be closed the day before the event takes place. Any fights which are added, changed or cancelled during this period will always be removed or not added so initial predictions before the voting closed are kept intact and keeps scoring fair. If fights have been added or changed after your initial predictions but the voting is still open, it will be up to the user to add the predictions for these new or changed fights. If this fight prediction is left blank this will count as an incorrect pick in the scoring.

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